Meet Alkiviades Spandagos, a seasoned entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. As an influential blogger, systems engineer, web developer, and creator, Alkiviades has a passion for helping business owners increase their online presence and authority through effective social media strategies.
In 2010, Alkiviades founded Cyou Influencer, a social media platform that has since grown to have around 100,000 followers. Building on this success, Alkiviades went on to establish a successful digital marketing agency called Your Business Digital.
As a full-service social media consultant and manager, Alkiviades specializes in creating and curating content, building marketing funnels, and running ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, and Tripadvisor. With a background in information technology and a track record of successful innovation and project management, Alkiviades has the skills and experience to help businesses improve their processes and drive customer satisfaction through technology adoption and adaptation.
If you’re a business owner looking to optimize your social media efforts and drive growth, Alkiviades would be delighted to schedule a free discovery call to learn more about your business and explore how Your Business Digital can help. Connect with Alkiviades Spandagos on LinkedIn to see how their expertise as an influential blogger and digital marketing agency owner can support your social media efforts.